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Welcome to the newscenter for St. Croix Rods. Here you can find news, stories, updates and product information released throughout the year. If you would like to receive the quarterly St. Croix newsletter, the sign up to the left will add you to the mailing list. 

Radical fishing rod evokes ‘extreme’ performance

St. Croix's new Avid X series pushes the envelope of rod design
Radical fishing rod evokes ‘extreme’ performance

Park Falls, WI (July 11, 2014) – To push the outer limits of what’s possible; to go well beyond the ordinary, usual or expected; to exist at the furthest ends of the universe. Few words evoke such tantalizing and spine-tingling imagery as “extreme” …

The Rewards of Rod Selection

St. Croix Rod’s Stephen Browning Busts Shallow Cover for Second Red River Win
The Rewards of Rod Selection

Park Falls, WI (May 9, 2014) When it comes to catching bass from flowing water, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone better at it than Bassmaster Elite Series pro Stephen Browning. Need proof? How about taking his second title in a row from the…

The Switches of Southwick: Ice Anglers Choose St. Croix Rods

Recent surveys reveal St. Croix Ice Rods the preferred brand of hardwater anglers
The Switches of Southwick: Ice Anglers Choose St. Croix Rods

Park Falls, WI (03/12/2014) – Southwick Associates, the nation’s premier outdoors market research firm, has announced the brands anglers purchased most frequently in 2013. Results were compiled from the 18,559 internet-based surveys completed by anglers who volunteered to participate last year in Southwick Associates’ AnglerSurvey…