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Welcome to the newscenter for St. Croix Rods. Here you can find news, stories, updates and product information released throughout the year. If you would like to receive the quarterly St. Croix newsletter, the sign up to the left will add you to the mailing list. 

New Must-Have Walleye Weaponry

St. Croix Rod Expands Eyecon® Rod Family with New Medium-Power ‘Big Water’ and ‘Crankin’’ Models, Technological Masterpieces at a Real-World Price
New Must-Have Walleye Weaponry

Park Falls, WI (December 16, 2016): In the martial arts of walleye fishing, it’s hard to beat jigging, rigging, and cranking for putting the beat-down on marble-eyed opponents. And probably no factor is more important to either technique than choosing the right rods for the…

Born in the USA…like the rods

A living slice of fishing Americana, Dan Johnston embraces new title at St. Croix Rod
Born in the USA…like the rods

Park Falls, WI (December 21, 2016) He’s been designated a franchise player and bestowed a new title – so unrecruitable to the competition. St. Croix Rod road-warrior Dan Johnston’s rank has been raised to National Accounts Manager, and the position fits him like…

Steve Lessard Wins Kayak Championship for USA

Louisiana-native tops the world’s best kayak anglers for a Made in USA crown
Steve Lessard Wins Kayak Championship for USA

Park Falls, WI (December 16, 2016) — The most international title in fishing is headed home to America, after Steve Lessard took home his second World Championship this weekend in his home state of Louisiana. Anglers from five continents competed in a fierce field of 49 for…